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The Light Eater 3 $835.63

The Light Eater 3
  • 3 Meals per week
  • $250 Dining Dollars
  • 5 Guest Meals

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The Light Eater 3 meal plan gives students 3 meals per week to use at our dining hall locations on campus. These 3 meals can be used during any day of the week (Monday- Sunday) that the student chooses. Additionally, the Light Eater 3 meal plan comes with $250 Dining Dollars that students can use at any of Baylor's on campus restaurants. This meal plan also includes 5 guest passes for students to use on friends and family.

To add a meal plan or Dining Dollars to your account:
  1. Click the Sign-Up Now button
  2. Login to your BearWeb account
  3. Select Student Financial Services
  4. Select Student Account
  5. Then select Meal Plans - Add/Change
  6. You will have the option to choose the semester for your meal plan (e.g. fall or spring)