Dining Dollars

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Dining Dollars can be used at the dining locations on campus - retail eateries, coffee shops, convenience stores. One Dining Dollar = $1.00. Dining Dollars can be spent for entry to the dining halls as well.

We recently added the option to purchase additional Dining Dollars separately on the student account. Either the student or the Authorized User (AU) on the student account can log in to the E-Bill system at www.baylor.edu/ebill to purchase the Dining Dollars by following the prompts below:

To add a meal plan or Dining Dollars to your account:

1) On the home screen, click on "Deposits"

2) Select the term

3) Select Deposit Payment type

4) Enter the amount of Dining Dollars to purchase

5) Select Payment Method and Continue until all steps completed

The Dining Dollars purchase will be applied to the student account and be reflected on the semester billing information and loaded onto the student's Baylor ID card and ready for use within 20 minutes after the payment has been submitted. The Dining Dollar account balance can be tracked by the student at IDcard.baylor.edu.