What is a Meal Plan?

Looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy delicious meals, coffee, and snacks all over campus? Our Meal Plans have you covered! Our convenient plan includes Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars, which are loaded directly onto your ID card. No need to worry about carrying extra cards. Discover the ultimate dining experience with our Meal Plans today!


Meal Swipes

Meal swipes get you into the four dining halls on campus - Penland, Memorial, East Village and Brooks- which offer an all-you-care-to-eat dining experience.


Dining Dollars

Spend your Dining Dollars like cash at all dining locations on campus! From retail eateries to coffee shops and convenience stores, use one Dining Dollar to equal $1.00. Plus, you can also use Dining Dollars for entry to the dining halls. No need to worry about losing your unused balance - any unspent Dining Dollars will roll over semester to semester until you graduate. And, if you still have Dining Dollars left in your student account upon graduation, Baylor will reimburse you that remaining amount.

Guest Meals

Guest Meals

Hey there! All dining plans come with 5 guest meals. That means you can treat your friends and family to a meal at Penland, Memorial, East Village, or Brooks. And, here's some great news - if you haven't used all of your guest meal swipes by the end of the semester, you can donate them to your fellow peers through the Bear Swipe Share program. Want to learn more? Check it out!

Meal Plan Benefits

Hey food lovers! You're in luck because our meal plans have you covered with a whole range of perks and benefits such as:
  • Mouth-watering dishes prepared fresh from our talented culinary crew tailored just for you
  • Healthy food choices located everywhere around campus
  • Unforgettable themed meal events, plus exclusive deals for our meal plan members
  • Hungry for more? Check out our amazing meal plan options.

Cash Equivalency

Have you heard about cash equivalency? Let us break it down for you!

Cash equivalency is a handy concept that allows you to use your meal swipe for retail purchases instead of only at the Dining Hall. With a cash equivalency swipe valued at $7.50, you have the flexibility to grab a meal or snacks from various retail locations on campus!

Here's how it works: When you swipe at a retail dining location, let the cashier know you'd like to use cash equivalency. If the total cost of your desired meal exceeds the cash equivalency limit, don't worry! You can still enjoy it by paying the remaining amount with Dining Dollars or even use your credit card. So, you never have to miss out on your favorite meals!

Now, let's talk about the different plans and the number of cash equivalencies they offer:

1. All-Access 7-Day Plans: These awesome plans come with 7 cash equivalencies a week! That means you can indulge in retail treats every day and enjoy the convenience of using your meal swipe beyond the Dining Hall.

2. All-Access 5-Day Plans: For the 5-day plans, you get three cash equivalencies a week, excluding weekends. So, even if you're on a five-day schedule, you still have opportunities to explore retail options on campus!

3. Block Plans: Lastly, the block plans also provide three cash equivalencies per week. With these plans, you have the freedom to mix and match between retail meals and dining hall options.

Remember, cash equivalency allows you to add variety to your dining experience while keeping it convenient and budget-friendly. So, make the most of your meal plans and explore the delicious retail options available on campus!

Happy dining!